Biometric Identifier Systems

Biometric identification systems designed and built by Aicent Security SingaporeAicent Security brings the latest defense and physical protection technology for our clients. Among these are biometrics identification and verification systems for commercial spaces and government establishments. This can also be deployed in homes.

Security systems based on biometrics use unique markers of people, such as physiological characteristics or behavior, to manage or restrict access to an area. Such markers may include fingerprints or eye iris patterns. Retinal pattern, hand geometry, earlobe shape, voice waves, signatures, and even DNA can now also be used in these kinds of systems.

The systems that Aicent installs to safeguard its clients from intruders and threats of criminal activity is controlled through computerized databases in which biometric identification markers are stored for authorized personnel. When a marker is presented in verification machines at entry points, they can be easily traced and matched to those identified in the database, which allows instantaneous personal identification and subsequent access to a space.

The system will not grant access to anyone whose biometrics markers do not match any of those in the database. Each unsuccessful attempt is recorded. In some systems, reaching a threshold of number of consecutive unsuccessful attempts at entering a space can trigger an alert to security personnel.

We at Aicent highly recommend the use of a biometrics identification and verification system as part of security solutions for our clients because they present a complex matrix of variables that render these security systems virtually unbeatable by trespassers. Unlike mechanical protective systems or those protected by a personal identification numbers or passwords, biometrics-based systems cannot be hacked as of yet. They also cannot be changed or reissued so there are less loopholes for unscrupulous parties can take advantage of when trying to get unauthorized access to a space.