Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated Security SolutionsAicent Security aims to offer state-of-the-art, effective, cost-efficient security systems to all our clients. Our professional team offers advance technology and creates whole systems customized to the particular needs of our clients and their homes, business establishments, and compounds.

We are proud to be our clients’ partners in safeguarding their personal well-being and peace of mind as well as the safety of their properties, valuables, and treasures. We do this by offering integrated security solutions that are tailor-made for the exact requirements of the spaces that must be secured.

A basic integrated security system is a combination of two things: monitoring and protection of the space, and we aim to both deter intruders, trespassers, and other threats while defending the area or property from any unauthorized attempts at access. The basic components of the systems that we design include a complete monitoring system with CCTVs and control centers, lighting mechanisms in external and internal areas of the space that we are securing, physical barriers such as fences, turnstiles, and locked or restricted-access doors, intrusion detection and alert systems, and access control devices.

With Aicent, we go one step further and create more complex, multi-level integrated security solutions that combine various defense and monitoring methods such as electronic and biometric access controls to create multiple fail-safe mechanisms for protecting our clients’ homes, buildings, and compounds. Advanced communications security devices, using wired, wireless or satellite technology, can also be connected to the system for easier security monitoring.