Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security For Large Compounds designed by Aicent Security SingaporeAicent Security is a professional security solutions provider that has worked with numerous clients in Singapore and around the Asia-Pacific region. We create, install, and maintain protective and monitoring technologies customized to safeguard homes, commercial areas, and even government compounds.

We offer complete defense solutions, which start with perimeter security, whose purpose is to keep intruders out, ensure that authorized persons are safely kept inside, and to detect signs of attempted or forced entry into the protected space. Perimeter security solutions are used everywhere, from business establishments, schools, shopping complexes, airports, and even jails.

We at Aicent Security provide our clients with a selection of advanced perimeter security devices, which can be used independently or as part of a multi-level perimeter security network. For deterring intruders and stopping attempted entries, we offer mechanical mantraps, perimeter fence, and electric fence that are designed to differentiate between humans forcing entry and accidental “visitors” such as birds, animals, or debris. Various lock mechanisms with different forms of access control restrict the entrance and exit through strategic sections of the fence.

The deterrent devices are aided by intrusion detection systems, such as analog and digital CCTV camera system and command centers, as well thermal cameras that can monitor warm-blooded intruders such as humans or wild animals, both of which can give perimeter security personnel an instant picture in the status of their safeguards in the area through the use of video analytics programs. Detection systems can also include alarm devices, alert systems, and remote communications devices. All these are available with us at Aicent.