CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras deployed by Aicent Security SingaporeWe at the Singapore-based Aicent Security takes pride in our professional team and the integrated security solutions that we provide our clients, be it for their homes, businesses, and other establishments. Being professionals, we believe that these solutions start with a top-notch, effective monitoring system.

Thus, Aicent Security starts all our designs-customized as they are for a diverse variety of conditions and architectural and security needs—with a monitoring system. Today, the preferred method among our clients are closed-circuit security television.

A CCTV security surveillance system is used to monitor areas inside or around a property 24/7. Placed in strategic areas, such as in perimeter fences, hallways, lobbies, entryways, and restricted spaces, the system allows security personnel to see at a glance the entirety of the area, check for any untoward or unusual occurrences, and analyze videos or composite images to identify possible threats. They can also be used in aid of investigations, such as when properties are misplaced or when there are suspicions of trespassing or other criminal activities.

Aicent Security Singapore provides our clients with the devices that make up the CCTV security surveillance system. Chief among these are the CCTV cameras, which can come in various forms. Most, however, are able to film and save continuous video footage at great distances of as much as 360 degrees of its environment. We usually install these cameras as part of a network, but they can also be installed independently.

Footage taken by the cameras are sent and stored to a video tape recorder (for analogue cameras) or a computer (for digital cameras) at a command and control center. Many of our clients today are inclined to install wireless cameras that can easily send footage to a limited set of control laptops that are given IP addresses specific to each client. All of these information can be stored, retrieved, and analyzed in the future, as is needed.