Security Solutions For Government


The government’s ultimate responsibility is to safeguard and serve its people through its many departments and bureaus within their territory as well as its embassies and consulates in other countries. Sometimes, however, the government can come under threat from various people and groups who try to breach national borders or government compounds. Illegal immigrants sometimes try to cross into a country’s territory, protesters may try to deface government buildings, and sometimes terrorists may try to attack a government embassy.

We at Aicent Security, a security solutions provider, partners with government establishments to ensure that these threats are minimized, and government officials and citizens are kept secure. The agency, although based in Singapore, services government clients throughout the Asia-Pacific region for their security needs. We also engineer integrated systems for surveillance and for safeguarding important government establishments, such as airports, embassies, consulates, and others.

Surveillance Systems For Government Institutions

Aicent Security designs and installs a complete monitoring system for government compounds that starts with a tight perimeter camera network of CCTVs connected to a secure command center, where security personnel can keep an eye on the whole compound, identify unusual activities, and identify threats early.

Alongside the surveillance system, Aicent provides a multi-level defensive system that protects compound borders and throughout the entire building. This starts with a perimeter security mechanism designed to deter intruders and keep trespassers out. A second tier of protection comes in the form of automated and electronic lock systems and advanced door access technology enhanced with intrusion detection devices and alarm components.

Throughout the compound, in strategic places, Aicent can install different kinds of biometrics identification system that will restrict certain areas to authorized personnel. This safeguards confidential documents and the privacy of government workers who are handling sensitive information. It also protects important, valuable, or delicate materials, as in the case of museums or vaults. It keeps most people from possible safety hazards, such as in high-voltage areas or busy tarmacs, or high-radiation rooms.

Aicent’s security solutions are designed to keep restricted areas free from trespassers, to ensure safety of government personnel and compound guests, and to catch possible threats early and to stop them from carrying out actions that may disrupt the smooth flow of government operations.