Electronic Lock Systems

Highly secured electronic lock systemsAicent Security is a trusted provider of security solutions for homes and residential units of all kinds, including condominiums, town houses, apartments, and free-standing houses. Among the most preferred systems among our clients are our range of electronic lock solutions for their homes. They can also be used to protect various entry channels, doors, vaults in commercial spaces and government complexes.

Electronic or electric locks, like the mechanical, non-electronic kind, are used to restrict access to a certain space. They differ from traditional locks in that it requires electric current to work. They are usually better at safeguarding spaces and valuables and are harder to beat than traditional locks because they are more complex.

An electronic lock can be operated using magnets, motors, solenoids, or a combination of any of those three. The lock mechanism is triggered by the supply or removal of electricity, and then opened when the current is either removed or re-supplied through an access mode. To close or open the lock, a “key” is used. This can take the form of a simple switch or as complex as a multi-level access control system that can be based on passwords, codes, RFID tags, or biometrics.

Here at Aicent, we offer stand-alone electronic locks as well as electronic lock systems. The first kind is a device that with the electronic wiring and controls directly mounted on the locking mechanism. The second kind, which is more popular, is one in which the access control mechanism or system is wired and connected to the lock but is situated in a central control room.