Security Solutions For Homes


Homes are the bastions for peace of mind, where individuals, their families and valuables must feel at their safest. However, they may face threats to security on a daily basis. Crimes can happen everywhere, even in the home. It must be protected at all times. At Aicent Security, we help you sleep easy with our home security solutions. We will be your partner in safeguarding your home, keeping you, your loved ones, and your properties safe from intruders, thieves, and other uninvited elements.

Aicent Security is a Singapore-based company that specializes in advanced monitoring and protection systems and  state-of-the-art technology to protect its Singapore homes including HDB, Condos and Landed Houses.

Security Solutions For Homes

We make sure that our clients’ home are never left without supervision by offering various home monitoring services that work 24/7. These surveillance systems include closed-circuit televisions systems, intrusion detection technology. Aicent’s monitoring solutions will alert you to everyone who comes near your home, everything that happens inside your property to help you pinpoint abnormal activities and assist you in identifying and preparing for potential threats to your safety. These systems have  also proven to facilitate faster identification of trespassers, pinpoint robbers, and going after criminal elements.

Protecting Your Home 24/7

Our clients’ homes are not only be monitored round the clock, they are also defended against intruders, criminals, and other threats by our high-grade professional protection services. Working with our clients’ needs and customized for each residential unit, Aicent designs systems that will leave no door, window, or entry point undefended. We offer access control mechanisms, different biometrics identification technology, electronic lock solutions, and perimeter security.

Aicent erects multi-level protection with options for communications safety—either by guarding our clients’ messaging systems safe from interceptors or by installing a system that periodically communicates status reports from the home to our clients wherever they are.

The integrated home security solutions ensure our clients’ peace of mind. We protect their home, their interests, and their valuables, and we let them know it all the time even outside of their homes through the intelligent use of the Internet.