Commercial Security Systems


Commercial establishments and businesses are the repository of not just material and financial investments of entrepreneurs and businessmen, but also of the dreams and hopes of the people who own and work for these institutions and those who partner and transact with them. These same establishments can sometimes be magnets for security risks, like robberies, thefts, break ins and other intrusion. Our security systems for offices are designed to resolve these threats.

Aicent Security protects your investments and safeguards your business through its diverse array of advanced monitoring systems and advanced protective technology for commercial premises. A trusted security solutions provider that is based in Singapore and servicing clients in the Asia-Pacific region, Aicent designs and installs complete defensive systems for business establishment. We tailor our solutions for each business environment, including those in small offices, simple stores, warehouses, commercial complexes, and big buildings.

Depending on the needs of our clients’ commercial space, Aicent will provide a suitable protective mechanism that starts from a comprehensive internal-external surveillance system. This can include advanced CCTV surveillance cameras and command centers, store front and facade intrusion detection installations, and communication devices that inform our clients’ security personnel of any breach in security.

The establishment is never left completely unprotected even during the establishments’ off hours or during weekends and holidays. We assure that our system can capture and provide images in covered areas that can help security personnel identify potential security risks and to eliminate or mitigate their effects on the business, tenants, employees, and customers.

Aicent also creates and installs a defensive system for commercial establishments. This can include automated access control systems engineered with an alarm system to prevent burglaries. Biometric identification and electronic lock systems help safeguard important documents or materials by restricting access to these to a small previously-cleared personnel.

With a team of security professionals, Aicent Security creates customized integrated systems that will ensure the safety of our clients’ staff and customers through a multi-level network of technology, restricted controls, and communications devices.